Dreamy studio mix.
ambient, Jazz, D&B, easy listening 70’s, headshit,

Study for a large painting.


40”x40” oil on canvas, 2013


The studio is reset. Ready for painting and skating again.


In progress, 60”x60”, oil on canvas

 ”Location”, 16”x20”, oil on panel, 2014

This work will be included in a show by Mike Cuffe from Warholian magazine. “UNIVERSE”  will be on display at Modern Eden gallery in San Francisco’s opening April 15th. 

Studio mix- Soul, easy listening, Jazz

12”x12” oil on panel, 2013

12”x12”, oil on panel, 2014


"Depart" 8"x10, oil on panel,2013


This is me from a recent photo job for Mutiny DC. I modeled the fall line.   This was taken on large format Polaroid, pretty cool.